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Helping you build a better Salesforce

iTools for Salesforce CRM is a diverse set of powerful productivity, usability and data quality tools designed for real business needs. All 6 iTools are included in one affordable subscription price.

Specifically designed to address real business needs.

Seamlessly integrated into the user interface for a natural fit.

Works in Lightning as well as the Classic Salesforce user interface

Each iTool runs natively in Salesforce CRM and is easy to install and configure.

One low fee gives you access to all 6 tools available today — plus any tools included in future releases.

Customize the Account Hierarchy page, including tabs for Contact, Opportunity, Case, Task and other related object data. Robust Filtering, Roll-up Support, Hierarchy Builder, Expand/Collapse, Export, Printable Views, and more.


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Delegated Tasks Management

Manage and track the tasks you have delegated to others more efficiently. Assign tasks to Groups or Contacts.  Get email notices when tasks are coming due, overdue, and completed.


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Employment Change Management

Automatically create employment history, alert opportunity owners, keep tasks and events from being lost, and more when contacts are added, deleted, or change employers.


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Opportunity Status Monitor

Accelerate pipeline velocity, increase forecast accuracy & ensure sales team accountability. Monitors red flag conditions, sends alerts, provides Opportunity Scoreboard and more.





State / Country Validation

Maintain complete, accurate and consistent state/country data for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Contracts and Users. Provides ISO Code for use in reports, search and 3rd party integration.



vCard Creator

Add Salesforce CRM Contacts, Leads, Accounts and Users to Outlook or Lotus Notes with a single click. Optionally add custom field values and a Salesforce CRM link to the notes field.


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