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InSitu Software Delegated Tasks Management

Delegated Tasks Management

iTools Delegated Tasks Management provides the help you need to stay on top of the tasks you have assigned to others inside and outside your organization. Maybe it's an email letting you know a delegated task has been completed or a section on your home page that lets you quickly see the status of everything you have assigned out, if its a task you want to keep track of we can help.  And iTools Delegated Tasks Management is built on top of the native task object so it works with your existing configuration including other 3rd party add-ons and sync products.

Stay Informed
Always know the status of the tasks you have assigned to others
  • Dedicated view of all Delegated Tasks

  • Email notices when delegated tasks are completed, deleted, re-opened, re-assigned, or have their Due Date changed

  • Fully customizable email message templates

  • Emails when tasks are coming due or are overdue (all tasks, not just the delegated ones)

Assign Tasks to Contacts
Assign tasks to partners, vendors, customers, and users in your organization that don't have a license
  • Assign a task to any contact that has an email address

  • Get all the same notices as tasks assigned to other users

  • Separate email templates for messages sent to contacts

  • Task completion via email or special Sites page

  • Allow contacts to attach files to completed tasks

Delegate to a Group
Assign a task to a group or business function and let the group decide who will complete it
  • Create just one task accessible to anyone in the group regardless of your Salesforce activity security setting

  • Group members "claim" new tasks so no two people are working on the same task

  • Group Tasks are delegated tasks so you can get notified when they are completed

  • Group members can get notified of new available tasks by following the group on Chatter or via a workflow base email notice

  • Email delivered report on group performance such as average number of days to complete tasks

  • Create Group Task as part of a workflow action

  • Configure inbound emails to automatically create Group Tasks

Track Performance
iTools Delegated Tasks Management automatically tracks the number of days required to complete a task. The completion tracking mechanism creates task level data such as the date the task was closed and the number of days, both calendar and weekdays, required to complete the task. This information can then be used in reports, dashboards, workflows, and formula fields to better monitor and manage task responsiveness.
Easily Access All Activities
iTools Delegated Tasks Management includes an Activities Tab that users can use to easily access a standard List View for Tasks and Events
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