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Employment Change Management

iTools Employment Change Management lets you change a contact's account information without fear of losing valuable data. With iTools Employment Change Management, not only is critical task and event information retained in the right context, but valuable employment history is also automatically generated. See who has previously worked for an account as well as for what accounts a contact has worked – this is 'must have' information for cultivating business relationships.

iTools Employment Change Management also helps you stay on top of your open opportunities. Configure this iTool to send you an instant email notification whenever someone joins or leaves an associated account.

And, best of all, there are no complicated processes to follow - just update the contact’s associated account wherever it is most convenient and let iTools Employment Change Management take care of the rest.

Leverage knowledge of past employment experience to foster new business relationships and help drive referrals.

Passively grow the employment history knowledgebase as contacts and accounts are updated.

With every employment change, automatically capture key professional experience data like job title, location and years of service to create accurate employment snapshots.

Make sure important business activity information is kept in the right context and with the right account when the associated contact changes employment. Use the iTool to eliminate the confusion and prevent certain data loss that would otherwise occur.

View an Account’s former employees or a Contact’s former employers as related lists, enabling you to quickly uncover connections that would otherwise be difficult to recognize.

Stay on top of your open opportunities and get notified when someone joins or leaves the associated account.

Don’t know what to do if you don’t know where a contact is now employed? The iTool handles this special case scenario along with many other unique employment situations like ‘leave of absence’ and ‘retirement’.

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A Better Way to Change a Contact's Account
Our Change Account wizard lets you update a contact’s associated account quicker and more accurately
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  • Easy for user to deal with special employment
    situations such as retirement or not knowing
    where a contact went

  • Shows only the “special” employment
    situations you want to support

  • Easily specify a new business
    address by selecting from the new
    account’s addresses or the address
    of other contacts at that account

  • Automatically clears fields that
    always change when contacts
    change employment (e.g. Email)

  • Configure which fields are always
    cleared when there is a change in

  • Configure which fields are included
    in the the Other Account Related
    Information section

  • Option to record all cleared /
    changed information in the
    Employment History record

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Notify Stakeholders
iTools Employment Management can automatically send key stakeholders email notices when employment changes occur that could impact their accounts or deals.
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