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InSitu Software vCard Creator

vCard Creator

iTools vCard lets you easily create an e-business card from a Salesforce Contact, Lead, Account, or User with a single click. Using the standard vCard format, these e-business cards can be seamlessly added to your individual personal information management system, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and any other PIM that accepts vCard format.

Simply add the iTool custom button (Contact, Lead or Account) or custom link (User) to the object detail page and you're ready to go. In addition to the standard vCard supported contact information fields, administrators can configure the iTool to include other important data in the vCard Note attribute like standard and custom field information, object description fields, and even a link back to the object's detail page in Salesforce.

Make your contact information available where you need it with a single click.

Supports Microsoft Outlook and any other Personal Information Manager that accepts vCard format.

Customize the iTool to copy additional information from standard and custom fields to the contact notes.

Link back to the Salesforce CRM object from within your PIM contact.

Save time and effort by eliminating duplicate data entry.

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