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InSitu Software Getting Started

Getting Started

Each iTool in the iTools for Salesforce CRM collection is a 100% native applications that can be installed directly from its AppExchange listing. A Configuration Guide with step by step instructions that guide you through the installation and configuration process is provided for each iTool. For a successful deployment, it is important that the applications are set up properly, so we encourage you to use the Configuration Guides to install and configure iTools for your Salesforce CRM environment.

InSitu Software Step 1

Install the iTools Configuration Manager

Before you can install any of the tools from the iTools collection you must first install the iTools Configuration Manager.  This package acts like the “battery pack” for the tool set and is responsible for all the configuration and licensing duties.  The iTools Configuration Manager can be installed from the Salesforce AppExchange into your environment by simply following the instructions below: 

1. Click HERE to go to the AppExchange listing for the iTools Configuration Manager.

2. Click the Get It Now button to start the install.

3. Answer the prompts regarding where you want the package installed.

4. At the step where you grant access to the package resources, be sure to select the Install for Admins Only option.  Even though you will be granting each iTools user a license to this package you don't want all your users accessing the configuration settings.

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Insitu Software Step 2

Get the Configuration Guide for the iTool you want to install

Download the Configuration Guide for the iTool you want to install.  Each iTool has its own guide with step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring the tool to meet your organization's needs.  The guide may look lengthy and complex, but its step-by-step instructions, along with its visual format, will ease you through the installation and configuration process.  The most recent version of each Configuration Guide can be found HERE on our iTools Documentation page.

InSitu Software Step 3

Install and Configure the iTool Package

The installation procedure for each iTool is similar to the steps outlined above for the Configuration Manager.  The one exception is that for all the other tools you will want to select the Install for All Users option, even if you do not intend to purchase a license for every user in your organization.


The configuration steps required for each of the individual tools will vary greatly depending on which features you choose to use and how different your needs are from the out-of-the-box configuration.  The Configuration Guide will help you through that process.


Use these links to access the AppExchange listing for each of the individual iTools:

InSitu Software Step 4

Assign Licenses

In order to use iTools, a user must be assigned a license to BOTH the Configuration Manager and any other iTool(s) packages you installed.  If you are doing a trial in a sandbox org this step is not necessary as Salesforce automatically assigns a license to every user.  If you are installing in a production or development org follow these steps to assign licenses:

1. Go to Setup and click on the link for Installed Packages.

2 In the list locate the iTools Configuration Manager and click on the Manage Licenses link.

3. Click the Add Users button.

4. Select your iTools users from the Available Users list.

5. Click the Add button at the bottom of the page.

InSitu Software Note

iTools only restricts the number of licenses available to the Configuration Manager. If you are installing our 30 day free trial you will initially be limited to 5 user licenses.  If you would like more users to participate in your trial just send us an email letting us know how many licenses you need and we will be happy to increase the number of available licenses.

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