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InSitu Software Customizable Account Hierarchy

Customizable Account Hierarchy

iTools Customizable Account Hierarchy lets you create a comprehensive global view of a company and its subsidiaries. Simply pick and choose what information to display in the Account Hierarchy list to customize the view for your special needs. Standard and custom fields as well as fields from related objects can be displayed. An Account Hierarchy configuration is provided for all your Salesforce users, but can be customized by profile or personalized for individual users as needed. Clickable column headers let you quickly sort on any field.

With its tabbed interface, iTools Customizable Account Hierarchy brings together information from related Contact, Opportunity, Task, Event, Case, Contract and Custom objects in a single view. This makes it super easy to better analyze, manage and coordinate activities for an account and all its associated subsidiaries.

Completely Customizable
Easily configured to show just the most important information
  • Choose just the tabs you want to include

  • Choose just the fields you want on each tab

  • Choose standard and custom objects

  • Create configurations for specific profiles and/or individual user

  • Expand/Collapse levels to more easily view organizations with large and deep hierarchies

  • Quickly sort the view on any field with clickable column headers

Robust Filtering
Allow your users to quickly narrow the list or accounts and related records
  • Apply global filters for situations like inactive contacts or out of business accounts

  • Define Tab Views to segment relevant information for specific use case displays

  • Add Dynamic Tab Views that allow users to supply search criteria values on the fly 

  • Filters and Views available at the entire account family and individual tab level

Account Family Roll-ups
Easily create account family-based reports, charts and dashboards
  • Include the entire account-family no matter how complex the structure may be

  • Leverage the Ultimate Parent information that is automatically maintained by iTools

  • References the native Salesforce Parent Account field so there is no change to how you currently define your account relationships

Find Opportunities
Use the Account Explorer to quickly find opportunities, contacts, and other important information across account families
Administrator Friendly
Easy for any administrator to set up and manage
  • Configuration is all point-and-click

  • Hierarchy Builder helps you easily manage and maintain your hierarchy structures

  • Allow users to customize their own view or limit customization to just administrators

  • Customize the feature set for individual and organizational needs – control what features your users are able to access

  • Extensive installation and configuration documentation with step-by-step instructions

Go Farther
Include custom Visualforce pages you build or come from other iTools to view and manage data from the entire account family
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